At Sanders Clinic, we aim to deliver the most comprehensive, compassionate, and state of the art healthcare possible for our patients. We provide the highest level of care to the North Mississippi area by providing knowledgeable and highly-skilled gynecologists, up-to-date facilities and state of the art technologies.  We are well established in the community and have been here since 1971, helping women of all ages—from preteens to those in menopause.

Our Clinic

Our services are devoted to addressing the individual needs and demands of our patients. Complete wellness and preventative care checkups are available in our office, as are diagnostic and treatment services for conditions such as complications of pregnancy, endometriosis, incontinence, infertility, pelvic organ prolapse, and the effects of menopause. We offer a variety of treatment options, including minimally invasive surgery.

Sanders Clinic for Women is affiliated with North Mississippi Medical Center.  Our providers deliver babies and perform Inpatient and Outpatient Surgical procedures at the Women's Hospital.